Stock Packaging, etc.

We have a certain amount of packaging that we keep in stock. We buy this packaging in large quantities so we can keep the price down. We can use our stock packaging for your products, which will keep your cost down, if you like. If you're ordering less than 1,000 units and wish to use packaging we do not stock, keep in mind that it will cost four to five time more for that small of a quantity.

What you could do is start off using our packaging while you build your business, or if you're just market testing a new product. Then once your order quantity warrants it, switch to different packaging. Almost all of our packaging is white and you can see what we stock by clicking the link below.

If you go on line and find a product made by another company and you like their packaging, you need to understand that it is likely they have purchased it from China in bulk of 10,000 pieces. Or had it made specifically for them by a packaging manufacturer with minimums of 10,000 pieces. So that packaging may not be available to you. But we may be able to find something similar.

Click the button blow to see our list.

We purchase short run labels from If you have art work you can visit that website and pick out a label, let us know which labels you want and we will order them. You can also have labels printed buy a company of your choice and have them sent to us. Please contact us before having labels printed to discuss how the labels need to be positioned to fit on our labeling machine. If you send us labels that will not fit on our machine we will not be able to label your order.

If you do not like any of the labels from onlinelabels, there are many 'short run' label companies that will print small amounts of labels for you and send them to us. Some of those companies are listed below, but there are many more on line.

If you do not yet have label artwork you can find someone to do it for you on They have very affordable pricing. A word of warning, the portfolios shown for each artist are their top of the line pricing. If you ask them to make a design for you at the lowest price point you will not get the quality shown in their portfolio. So it's best to pay the higher price to get the top quality. They have a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.



Since we do not use petrochemical ingredients in our products, they may be a bit different than what you are used to using in your personal life or what you have been purchasing from another company or manufacturer. Therefore, before we will manufacture any of our products for you we will send samples for your approval.

We have two kinds of samples. Full size and miniature. Miniature samples are free of charge and the customer pays the shipping. Full size samples can be purchased at our wholesale price (50% off retail) and the customer pays shipping. Example: Full size shampoo is 12 oz. for $8.00. Miniature shampoo sample is 1 oz. and free.


Payments for manufacture are 50% up front and the balance before shipping.

We accept; Visa, Master card, check-by-phone, and wire transfers. Credit cards have a 2.5% handling fee, Check-by-phone and wire transfers do not. The customer pays any transfer fees.




We ship with UPS and order shipping boxes that the customer pays for. We have a handling charge for the packing and shipping process that will be determined on each order. All shipping charges are paid by the customer.