My name is Sindi Holmlund and I live and work in the great state of Texas. I've been formulating, manufacturing, and selling chemical free health and beauty products, made from all natural ingredients, for 25 years.

We are a medium sized family owned and operated company dedicated to making the best natural products possible. We all have a passion for what we do and strive to help individuals and other companies thrive by creating and manufacturing products that actually do what they're meant to do.

When I started my company 25 years ago, finding raw materials that were free from petrochemicals and toxic cancer-causing materials was almost impossible. But as public awareness grew, so did the natural ingredients market. Through the years more and more great raw materials have come on the market and now it's easy to get natural ingredients to make chemical free products.

  I Make It Better

When I formulate a product for my company, or yours, I start out by researching the market for products like the one I want to create. I check ingredients and pricing. Once I know what's on the market, I create a formulation that's MUCH better than anything else out there. I take out all toxic ingredients and replace them with non-toxic ones, and I add more active ingredients than all the other products. That increases the products effectiveness and worth.

An example of this is my Younger Face, Neck and Hands formulation. It has 14 active ingredients, 7 of which are peptides. NO other product has that many actives to reduce wrinkles, regrow facial tissue and repair damage.